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birthquoteYou can’t wait to hold your baby, but the sheer thought of delivery scares you. You’ve heard all kinds of stories. You’d love to have a different birth where things happen as naturally as possible, without medication and interventions. You want to be able to make informed decisions if things don’t go according to your wishes. You want to feel safe and remember the birth of your child as an amazing, empowering experience.

It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown, pain, hospitals and unexpected turns. But you can prepare for all kinds of scenarios and call upon the knowledge when needed. Even if your first birth experience was traumatizing, your second doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to be alone during this process. Women’s bodies are capable of miracles and I can help you discover them.

It’s possible to have a natural birth without paralyzing fear of pain and complications.

Limiting beliefs can be shifted through education, various tools and your partner’s support. It can be quite a transformative journey for you and the whole couple. Let me help you during this adventure.

As a certified hypnobirthing practitioner I talk to women about powerful breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques, allowing them to remain emotionally and physically relaxed during labor and birth. I respect and cherish the biological as well as spiritual connection between the mom and her unborn baby. I can help you find your strengths and help you get in tune with your own body. Each birth is unique and I can help you prepare for it in many ways in the comfort of your own home. 


  • 4 private sessions, each around 2,5-3 hrs long
  • within 50 km from Kulloo (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kerava, Sipoo, Söderkulla, HInthaara, Porvoo, Epoo, Loviisa)
  • designed to help you tap into your own abilities to bring your mind and body into a state of relaxation
  • audio and visual material, handouts
  • tools inspired by hypnobirthing practiced with my guidance
  • releasing limiting thoughts, fears and beliefs
  • creating birthing preferences
  • massage techniques
  • nutrition tips, herbs, scents, positions
  • breastfeeding tips
  • belly binding after birth
  • bonus 15-minute calls each week to discuss progress and answer questions
  • bonus essential oils
  • investment 460 € (incl.VAT) + travel cost depending on your location (20-40 €/ride)
  • possible payment plan


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1.12.2018 9:30- 12:00,  El Ático, Kumpulantie 1, Helsinki

This is a very different approach to dance where you can move freely. No dance skills are required. You will learn to activate your whole body and soul. It’s accompanied by yoga asanas to deepen the relaxation and special female yoga and guided meditation for recognizing inner wounds and healing them through expressing your emotions. It’s also suitable for people with physical limitations.

One time 15 € / class Paypal
Dancing pass 50 € / 5 classes Paypal

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“Soňa’s course gave me concrete tools how to look at myself deeper in a safe environment. I was also happy to meet like-minded people to whom I don’t need to explain myself. I felt a strong spiritual connection at the meetings. I think Soňa is so strongly connected with life that her work will always have powerful impact on people in a very beautiful, human and natural way.” – Saaramaija

  “Soňa is a power house of a teacher and a human filled with fresh ideas relating to holistic well-being. Her course gave me more courage and trust to keep on searching in this subject. I also met like-minded women who all shared the same curiosity towards the ‘hidden power’ that females have.” – Teea