I wanted to have a natural birth but also be prepared for the unexpected using all my body’s hidden strenghts. Soňa guided me and my husband through various hypnobirthing techniques and gave me many tips and tools. Her help before, during labour and afterwards was indispensable.


The delivery preparation with Soňa helped me to mentally prepare for the delivery. I felt I knew what might be in front of us. I was able to support my wife better during our long delivery. Soňa was also great support in the hospital during the days leading to the delivery. In the last phase she was a saving angel helping our beautiful boy to the world. With her help we had a delivery that felt more “ours”. 


Dear Soňa 😗, I’ve been meaning to write to your the whole week. Finally I have a moment and free hands 🙂 I’m so glad the little one chose it the way it happened and that you could be with us. I want to thank so much for the energy you were giving us during the whole long process…because you weren’t there only during two days it took Naty to come, but the whole time he’d been in my belly. THANK YOU from all of us 💙

Soňi zlatíčko 😗, celý týden myslím na to že ti chci napsat, mám konečně na chvilku volné ruce tak až teď můžu 🙂 …. Jsem moc ráda, že si to prďola takhle vybral a byla jsi s náma. Chci ti moc poděkovat za energii, kterou jsi nám při celém tom dlouhém procesu předávala… protože jsi s námi nebyla jen dva dny, kdy šel Naty na svět, ale i celou tu dobu co byl v břiše. DĚKUJU za nás za všechny 💙


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