I help turn fearful moms-to-be into empowered birthing queens.


My first baby was born unexpectedly in my home bath. My original plan was to go to the hospital as late as possible but then I just didn’t feel like leaving the tub. I believe I didn’t freak out as a first time mom only thanks to the preparation with HypnoBirthing coupled with education and guidance of my friend and doula who empowered me to believe in the wisdom of my body and my baby. After this life-changing experience I studied childbirth and have been spreading the word about water birth, physiologic birth, body wisdom. Soon after my second home birth in 2017 I got certified as a HypnoBirthing practitioner and have been supporting families on their journey towards parenthood ever since. 

I’m here to inspire and invite you to feel your birth and stay connected with your body and your baby. It can be a positive and life-changing experience.

Three key points:

Body Wisdom

Combination of evidence-based education and awakening of your instincts will keep you connected with the best guide – your own body.

Birth Partner Included 

Do you want your partner to be your competent and confident support? My gift is to build bridges between feminine and masculine, emotional and logical, with humor as my main tool. 

Main Focus: YOU

Every pregnant woman/person is different, every couple has unique dynamics. I love this variability and I always customize my services to your very needs.