Pregnancy and postpartum services

Prices include VAT. Mileage and petrol costs for travel by car are calculated from Kulloon koulu at 0.46€/km. Payment plan options are available to suit your current budget.

Birth plan creation in person or on-line (2h) 126€
Pregnancy or postpartum massage at your place (60 min / 90 min / 120 min)
(Options: oil massage + essential oils, rebozo, quasha, soft touch massage)
108€ / 126€ / 144€

NOTE: 2-hour massage sessions are suitable for natural induction as well as for mothers who want to have enough time in case the baby wakes up. We can combine it with breastfeeding tips and other useful techniques to make your pregnancy or postpartum more comfortable.

Yoni steaming with herbs (1h) 90€
Pain coping techniques for birth (2h) 108€
Fear release (2h) 108€
Natural induction (2 h) 144€
(Options: Massage, Rebozo, Side lying release, Aromatherapy, Yoni herbal steaming, Moxa, Hypnosis & Visualisations)

HypnoBirthing preparation courses

Weekly GROUP online class (2h x 6 weeks based on actual interest ) 504€

Weekly PRIVATE online couple class (2h x 6 weeks based on actual interest) 702€

WEEKEND intensive PRIVATE online couple class (2x6h) (possible to split into 2 weekends) 900€

WEEKEND intensive PRIVATE couple class AT YOUR HOME (2x6h)             999€

Doula services

BASIC doula package (interview, telephonic availability from deposit to birth, birth intensions creation, several prenatal visits, 2 of them inside the due month, full time in person support during the labour and birth, 2 x postnatal visits at home, basic breastfeeding support) 1350€

ALL INCLUSIVE doula package (BASIC doula package + HypnoBirthing or childbirth preparation course of up to 12h, 1h massage before and 1h massage after birth, natural induction session if needed )             1629€

Additional services

Quanting treatment at your place (1h)     90€

Body candles treatment at your place (1h)   90€

Body harmonizing forks treatment at your place (1h)   90€

Life coaching Interview on-line (30min) FREE

Difficult-decision-making guidance (life coaching methods and Tarot Cards reading)  (1h)     63€

Life coaching session on-line (1h)      63€

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