Birth stories

My first birth story

I had many ideas how I’d love my first baby to be born. I had chosen a doula and she was supposed to fly in, but my baby decided to come a day earlier. I really wanted to give birth in water and I went from shower to a warm sauna with candles and music. The birth experience took me by surprise. I thought it would be somewhat easier given my preparation. When the second stage came we called an ambulance which came in about five minutes. I told them to wait for me to finish what I started.

My second birth story

28.6.2017 at 11:55 I gave birth at home in a birthing pool with midsummer 🌹 🌹 🌹, surrounded by my close family, including my 5- year-old daughter, and midwifes.
You might be surprised that giving birth at home is still quite a rare thing here in Finland.

We where blessed by a beautiful healthy baby boy. 👶

Some of you might think it was irresponsible of me to give birth at home.
Maybe you would ask if I was scared? And I would tell you “HELL YEAH!!!” at first.

More than seven years ago all I knew about birth was the stereotypical terrifying movie scenes and commonly shared horror stories which I’d heard so many times. Wsho is sharing a positive birthing experiences, right?

But, I was lucky to have a friend who became doula and this relationship completely changed my perspective about our ability to give birth.

I faced and named my fears and I asked about things I did not understand like:
“How does our body work during labor?”
“How does the baby feel?”
“What are the pros and cons of medication and medical interventions, are they needed and when?”
“What are my rights while I’m in labour?”

The more I listened the more I started to believe our body is actually super wisely designed to give birth. So I decided to give it a try and go for a natural birth. I also started to believe that’s the best I can do for my baby and myself. It worked out far beyond my expectations.


My way of dealing with fears connected to childbirth was by educating myself and searching for beautiful childbirth stories with great endings so I convinced my mind that great results are possible.

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