Placenta – The Midwife’s Baby

It’s Saturday 2pm and I just finished teaching a FeelYourBirth (Hypnobirthing) course. My friend is doing her best to give life to her son for 12 hours already. I’m rushing to the hospital to support her on this challenging journey.

I’m watching her again and again to overcome herself and find the trust in the process. Thank God just a few minutes before midnight she gives birth to her first baby with an unforgettable help of a young team of doctors in Havířov. This small but progressive hospital in the northern part of the Czech Republic has such kind and respectful nurses and doctors working for the best interest of the mothers and their babies.

Since the little boy made his first entry with a truly dramatic touch – not breathing for 3 endless minutes – emotions are overwhelming. Just for a little while for me though, I still have to stay focused. I need to pack our belongings from all over the birthing room, be a taxi driver, a placenta carrier…
I don’t even feel the tiredness just yet.

At my friend’s home I grab the black bag and get the placenta out. The whole new organ grown by her amazing body is almost 1kg heavy and truly exciting. As I’m washing her I suddenly remember the words of my dear friend and midwife Johanna: “Placenta is the midwife’s baby”. Woow, suddenly I feel so festive. It’s like an initiation. I’m not a midwife but I am so proud, humble and thankful at the same time for being a doula.

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